Les artistes

Guillaume COPPOLA

"Guillaume Coppola is a real talent. His very Romantic finesse and sensitivity set him among the elite of today's young pianist"(Altamusica, January 2013).


Révélation Classica en 2006, Arnaud Thorette a enregistré une trentaine de disques salués par la presse française et étrangère (Diapason d'Or, Choc Classica, RTL d'Or, Diamant Opéra, Choix France Musique, Classical Award…).


Revealed by J-C Malgoire in the leading role of Handel’s Orlando, Théophile ALEXANDRE has performed for the past 10 years on the most prestigious stages : Paris Philharmony, New Yok Lincoln Center, Champs-Elysées Theater, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Venice Fenice, the Opera houses of Versailles, Ottawa, Bern…

His virtuosity has illuminated major productions of baroque music (Vivaldi, Purcell, Bach, Monteverdi…), classical music (Mozart, Haydn, Gluck…) and contemporary music (Escaich, Lavandier, Macé, Moultaka…), with renowned conductors : W. Christie, G. Garrido, S. D’Hérin, P. Agnew, C. Grapperon, associate of L. Equilbey, M. Minkowski Louvre Musicians…

Praised in 16 international singing competitions for his warm, natural and powerful tone, he has the particularity to have a double degree in lyric singing and contemporaray dance from the CNSM of Lyon. Next to his opera performances, he therefore collaborated with prestigious choreographers (J-C Gallotta, L. Scozzi, P. Bausch Atelier, Montalvo-Hervieu…), distinguishing himself as ONE OF THE FEW ARTISTS IN THE WORLD mastering these two arts and performing them together.

Released in Sept. 18, his debut album ADN BAROQUE has created the event (BEST SELLING ALBUM 18/19 for a french lyric artist, more than 1.3 million of views on Youtube) and is touring for more than 40 dates in a unique singing and dancing reinvented recital praised by more than 20 000 spectators.


Guillaume VINCENT

Guillaume Vincent was born in 1991 in Annecy. He began studying piano at age 7 and gave his first solo recitals and concertos with orchestra at the age of 10 years. At 13 he entered the National Conservatory of Paris to get out in 18 years with a Master of piano and at 19 with a degree of 3rd cycle of Performing Artist.


Emmanuel Rossfelder began studying guitar at the age of five. When he turned fourteen he won the Gold Medal at the Conservatoire of Aix-en-Provence. He was one of the lucky few to be chosen to study with Alexandre Lagoya at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique, in Paris.