Eglise St-Médard à Cinq-Mars-la-Pile

Saint-Médard church in Cinq-Mars-La-Pile was seat of a Priory which belonged to the Abbey St Julien de Tours.

The Saint-Médard church dates from the 10th / 11th centuries, and has been rebuilt in the 19th century: nave with modern paneling, walls in small appliances, transept and choir in cradle, apse and apsidioles in cul-de-four, Romanesque bell tower with bays Gemini and octagonal arrow XVth century, modern facade.

Address   8 Rue de Tours (View with gmap)
37130 Cinq-Mars-la-Pile (Indre-et-Loire)
La Pléiade

With its popularity and the increasing number of spectators, La Pléiade is an institution in La Riche. It represents above all a rich and varied programming that wants to be accessible to all, big or small, passionate or novices, to all cultures. - La Pléiade

Address   154 rue de la Mairie
37520 La Riche (View with gmap)
Telephone   02 47 38 31 30
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MAME – Cité de la Création et de l'Innovation

Emblematic place of the French Tech Loire Valley, MAME is an ecosystem for the start uppers, which combines the conditions of success and accompanies the creators in their innovative projects.

Address   49 boulevard Preuilly (View with gmap)
37000 Tours (Indre-et-Loire)
Téléphone   02 47 22 49 75
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« Escale » recalls travel, the Loire, daydream, a pause often necessary in a world in motion ...

Since its opening in 2007, many events have been organized: exhibitions, concerts, plays, parties and dancing tea, greetings to the population, general assemblies, shows for all ages and early childhood, etc.

L'Escale is a space open to all events and accessible to all audiences, a place of entertainment, culture and expressions essential in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire.

Address   Allée René Coulon (View with gmap)
37540 Saint-Cyr-Sur-Loire (Indre-et-Loire)
Telephone   02 47 85 58 68
Restigné church

The nave is partly the oldest and dates from the early 11th century. It is covered with a framework, probably rebuilt in the 16th century. On the North of the nave was added, in the 14th century, a collateral restored in the 19th century. The two-bay choir, finished by a flat openwork chevet of two large semicircular windows, is from the end of the 12th century or the beginning of the 13th century. It is covered with vaults Angevin on warheads and liernes.

This church houses four stained glass windows depicting a baptism of St. Martin and a charity, a St. Martin bishop and charity, St. Martin ordained exorcist by St. Hilary, and the death of St. Martin. It also houses a statue of St. Martin Bishop.

The church is listed as a Historic Monument in 1999.

Address   9 Place de l'Église (View with gmap)
37140 Restigné
Eglise Saint-Symphorien Fondettes

Saint-Symphorien church in Fondettes was built in the 12th century. The actual appearance is the result of the modifications made in the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. This church is composed of a nave of three bays closed to the East by a choir and an apse and has two chapels. The last restoration of the building dates from 1990 and has, among other things, restored the four heads of pinnacles and small sculptures of the west facade, the entire roof, the bell tower, and the rooster that has been replaced.

Address   2 Route de Pernay,  (Viw with gmap)
37230 Fondettes
Eglise de Rochecorbon

The Notre-Dame de Rochecorbon church emerges in the middle of a well maintained green space. Its chancel offers an elegant ogival vault dating from the 12th century. The church has a pretty richly carved portal.

Address   11 Rue de l'Église (View with gmap)
37210 Rochecorbon (Indre-et-Loire)
Prieuré de Lavaray

Fifteen minutes from the center of Tours, near Saint Cyr-sur-Loire, Le Prieuré de Lavaray is a fortified ensemble of the Middle Ages listed as a Historic Monument.

Surrounded by woods and pastures, Le Prieuré de Lavaray includes a magnificent 13th century tithe barn, a cocktail and exhibition room, a dovecote, a gite and a fortification tower.

Large landscaped landscaped courtyard, illuminated parking.

Addrese   Prieuré de Lavaray (View with gmap)
37230 Fondettes (Indre-et-Loire)
Telephone   06 09 08 47 80
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